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What Happens Next?

If you decide to ask us for help:

  1. We will arrange for a trained adviser and a visit team member to visit you in your own home.  During the first meeting the adviser will ask you about your financial situation.  They will also ask you about the problems you need to resolve and the level of support you might need;
  2. The adviser will then work out how much money you have coming in each month, how much it costs you to live and how much you have left to repay your debts. The adviser will enter all this information into a form called a ‘financial statement’;
  3. We will visit you again and together with you, the adviser will then help you budget your money so that you can cover your living costs and hopefully have something left to pay off your debts. They will also advise you on the course of action we believe you should take to free yourself from the burden of debt;
  4. We will then speak to your creditors on your behalf and will try to negotiate with them how you are going to pay them back the money you owe;
  1. We will then continue to support you as you work to pay off your debts.

Remember - We know it takes courage to face up to your financial problems.  If you want us to contact you please get in touch using our contact details

It takes a long time to get into debt, it will take a long time to achieve financial freedom.  We understand this and will support you all the way.
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