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and is licensed by the Office of Fair Trading under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 No. 646380/1
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Hope Debt Advice
Hope Debt Advice is:
Open to all

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It takes a long time to get into debt, it will take a long time to achieve financial freedom.  We understand this and will support you all the way.
We Won’t:
      - charge for our help.  We are a charity and the only reason for providing advice is to help people who need it;
If you are in severe debt then we can support and guide you through the insolvency process.  You may need to consider bankruptcy or other insolvency options, if you do we can help you fill out the forms and support you through the court process.

      - It takes a long time to get into debt, it will take a long time to achieve financial freedom;
       - Money problems do not go away if you ignore them;
So, if you decide to ask us for help, what will happen next.........
We Are:
Open to all -
Anyone can use our service regardless of age, religious beliefs,
sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality or disability.
Free -
We will not charge for anything we do.
Confidential -
No details will be made available to anyone outside the Service or to any agency without your permission.
Non -Judgemental -
We will not pass judgment on the reasons for the debt.  Our purpose is to support and help people to eventually take full responsibility for their own finances.  
Professional -
Our advisers are trained to deal with personal finances, debt, creditors and budgeting.  Hope Debt Advice is registered with the Office of Fair Trading, is a member of Advice UK and affiliated with Community Money Advice.
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